Samsung Galaxy Note10 // Note10+ Manual User Guide


Samsung Galaxy Note10 // Note10+ Manual User Guide – Galaxy Note10 has a 6.3-inch screen size with 1080p resolution. While the Galaxy Note10 + carries a 6.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1440p, more significant and also sharper. During this time, the Galaxy Note is identical to its large size, but the presence of a more compact Galaxy Note10 presents a new choice for users.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 series is equipped with three camera lenses on the back, namely 12MP wide lens, 12MP telephoto, and 16MP ultrawide while the front camera is only one with 10MP resolution.

Despite having the same camera specifications, the Galaxy Note10 + has a slight advantage in the primary camera because it has one additional lens, the Time of Flight (TOF) 3D VGA camera. Videos recorded using the Galaxy Note10 series can also be edited easily with a video editor embedded in it. The presence of S Pen also makes editing more natural and more accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy Note10 series uses the Samsung Exynos 9825 processor with 7nm fabrication, which is very powerful and efficient in battery power consumption. Although using the same type of processor, there is a difference in the capacity of the embedded RAM. The Galaxy Note10 has 8GB of RAM while the Galaxy Note10 + uses 12GB of RAM.

The Galaxy Note10 is marketed with a storage capacity of 256GB, and there is no option to add external storage memory. 256GB capacity is quite large for users in general.

While the Galaxy Note10 + is marketed with two choices of memory capacity, namely 256GB and 512GB, also, the Galaxy Note10 + also has a hybrid dual-sim slot so that it can add external storage memory when the internal memory is full.

Galaxy Note10 is equipped with a capacity of 3,500mAh battery and Galaxy Note10 + 4,300mAh. The difference between the two batteries is around 20 percent. Even so, it does not mean that the battery life of the two will differ significantly.

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