Apple Watch Series 5 Manual User Guide


Apple Watch Series 5 Manual User Guide – It is known that the Watch Series 5 will be designed with a size of 40mm and 44mm GPS only. The stretch of the screen brought by Watch Series 5 looks different. This is because the Watch Series 5 screen is equipped with an Always-on Display (AoD) feature.

Affairs of endurance, Apple dares to claim that the battery can make Apple Watch Series 5 stay awake for up to 18 hours even though the screen is in an “on” condition.

Apple Watch Series 5

This capability is obtained after the company from Cupertino, United States, has pinned a panel called low-temperature polysilicon and oxide and low-power display drivers.

Other Apple Watch Series 5 features that need to be known are the redesigned watch face and workout to maximize the benefits of using the always-on screen.

In summary, the smartwatch screen will be at a low brightness level if the user does not move his wrist and turns bright when moved.

Apple Watch Series 5 looks equipped with compass and emergency telephone calls in various countries. Even so, there is a feature that is removed on this smartwatch, namely sleep tracking.

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